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External Collaborative Research Projects

ACEMS members were involved in many collaborative research projects throughout 2020.

These included projects with partners from industry, government, and other sectors. The table below includes a non-exhaustive selection of such projects, highlighting the Centre’s disciplinary depth and breadth across the research themes. Details of many of these projects are included in other sections of this report.

New projects funded under the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme

ACEMS members were also active in 2020 in applying for funding under the Centre’s Industry Collaboration Support Scheme (ICSS) to help support new industry research projects.  This scheme strongly encourages cross-node collaboration and applications from the Centre’s early career researchers and Associate Investigators.

Three ICSS applications were approved in 2020 (one conditionally). These new projects equate to a financial commitment from ACEMS of $50,000 and up $60,500 in matched funding from external collaborators. Collaborators on these new projects include the Australian Institute of Sport, Triathlon Australia, the Queensland Academy of Sport, FLEW Solutions and the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Research Project Title External Collaborating Organisation(s)
Australian National Cancer Atlas Cancer Council QLD
Characterisation of initial periods of recovery within the Great Barrier Reef Australian Institute of Marine Science
Visual tools to investigate relationships in multivariate spatiotemporal data with a focus on emergency call data AT&T
Developing Bayesian methods for modelling the dynamics of complex systems in sports: performance vs injuries Australian Institute of Sport, Triathlon Australia, Queensland Academy of Sport
Simulation of arterial road networks VicRoads
Statistical Methods and Models for Alzheimer’s Disease CSIRO Data 61
Economic Scenario Generation (ESG) and Optimal Superannuation Life-Cycle Modelling and Risks CSIRO Data 61
Targeting Misinformation and Bot Behaviour on Social Media CSIRO Data 61
Identifying Pan-Genome Sequence Anchors Using Genetic Mapping and Machine Learning CSIRO
High-dimensional inference using the extremal skew-t process CSIRO
Scheduling optimisation for rotomoulded plastics manufacture Global Rotomoulding
Simulation Analysis of the proposed new Women's and Children's Hospital SA Health
Optimisation of operations planning for coal export terminals Aurecon, Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, National Energy Resources Association
Fuzzy entropy filtering technology and industrialisation Hwashen Electronics
Analysing and modelling donor flow in an Australian Red Cross Blood Service donation centre Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Influenza forecasting using online data and its value as evidence in health services evaluation Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Genetic risk for osteoporosis Garvan Institute of Medical Research
New technologies to improve natural resources (biodiversity) on Australian cotton farms Cotton Research and Development Corporation
DARPA dengue project DARPA
Bayesian statistics and machine learning for sports - growing a program of research Queensland Academy of Sports, Swimming Australia Limited
Enhancing the outcomes of physical training using models to integrate diverse data under uncertainty Queensland Academy of Sports, Swimming Australia Limited
Predictive modelling of Enterococcoi levels in recreational waterways Healthy Land and Water Ltd
Combining computer vision and data science to improve river monitoring and prediction Healthy Land and Water Ltd, University of Queensland
Revolutionising water-quality monitoring in the information age. Queensland Department of Environment and Science, Healthy Land and Water Ltd
Improving 3D printing quality control through computer vision and machine learning FLEW Solutions
A generalised framework for characterising uncertainty in complex systems to enable quantification of extrinsic mathematical uncertainty in defence and emergency services. Defence Science and Technology Group
Water Modelling with Modern Strategies for Time Series Regression NSW Office of the Chief Scientist and Engineer, CSIRO
Evaluating the Origin of a Species (Differentiating Homoploid Hybridisation from Ancestral Subdivision for the D Lineage in Wheat) CSIRO
Impact of continuous drying on key production and performance criteria of engineered wood structural elements Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Virtual log and forest value Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Forest and Wood Products Australia, HQPlantations Pty Ltd, Hyne and Son Pty Ltd, Forest Corporation New South Wales