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The Industry Collaboration Support Scheme provides financial support for Research Fellows and Associate Investigators and aims to increase collaboration with our Partner Organisations and Industry Affiliate Members as well as encourage new collaborations with key industry and government stakeholders.

Funding under the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme is available to support small to medium research projects that help develop Research Fellow and Associate Investigator careers and at the same time develop the Centre's objectives. In addition to supporting research projects the scheme also supports funding for extended research visits around Australia and overseas, funding for media, outreach or stakeholder activities, and for students to undertake these activities.

Researchers can request up to $20,000 per annum, per application. Where an industry partner makes a cash contribution that exceeds $20,000, the Centre may match the industry contribution to a maximum of $40,000.

ACEMS particularly encourages early-career researchers to apply to gain experience with writing grant applications, developing and monitoring research project budgets, supervising a research assistant, administering successful research projects and working with government and industry.

In 2020 ACEMS saw the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme continue its momentum with three new applications (one conditionally) approved for funding worth a total of $50,000, with a total of $60,500 of external cash co-funding; an additional project was approved and is conditional on the successful award of an external grant. This brings the Centre’s total investment in the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme to $177,484.05 across 10 projects since the scheme’s establishment in 2018. These projects involve investigators from multiple nodes, Partner Organisations and Industry Affiliate Members, and external collaborators from around Australia and overseas.

Project Title Lead Investigator Co-investigators Project dates
A generalised framework for characterising uncertainty in complex systems to enable quantification of extrinsic mathematical uncertainty in defence and emergency services** Rachael Quill (UoA) Gentry White (QUT), Jason Ford, (QUT), Troy Bruggemann, (QUT), Wayne Power (DST Group), Edward Dawson (DST Group) Sep 2019 – Sep 2020
Bayesian statistics and machine learning for sports – growing a program of research** Paul Wu (QUT) Kerrie Mengersen (QUT), Christine Voge (Queensland Academy of Sport) Mar 2019 – Jul 2020
Combining computer vision and data science to improve river monitoring and prediction** James McGree (QUT) Erin Peterson (QUT), Kerrie Mengersen (QUT), Catherine Leigh (QUT), Hongbo Xie (QUT), Paul Maxwell (Healthy Land and Water), Alistair Grinham (UQ), Matthew Dunbabin (QUT) Jul 2019 – Dec 2020
Detecting 3D Printing Faults using Machine Learning* Simon Denman (QUT) Michael Larkins (FLEW Solutions), Sam Fogarty (FLEW Solutions), Ammar Mousali (FLEW Solutions) Feb 2021 – Sept 2021
Developing Bayesian methods for modelling the dynamics of complex systems in sports: performance vs injuries* Paul Wu (QUT) and Clara Grazian (QUT) Tim Kelly (Australian Institute of Sport), Wade Hobbs (Triathlon Australia), Jeffrey Greenhill (Queensland Academy of Sport) Nov 2020 – May 2021
Supporting Traditional Owner Marine Monitoring Through Two-Way Knowledge Sharing*** David Warne (QUT) and Julie Vercelloni (UNSW) James McGree (QUT), Juan-Carlos Ortiz (Australian Institute of Marine Science), Manuel Gonzalez-Rivero (Australian Institute of Marine Science), Matthew Wyatt (Australian Institute of Marine Science) Jan 2021 – Sept 2021
Visual tools to investigate relationships in multivariate spatiotemporal data with a focus on emergency call data** Dianne Cook (MU) Rob Hyndman (MU), Kerrie Mengersen (QUT), Emily Dodwell (AT&T) Feb 2020

* Applications approved in 2020
** Applications active in 2020 but approved in previous years
*** 2020 application approved subject to the successful award of an external grant; funding for this application is not included in the commitment figures above.

Recipients of the Industry Collaboration Support Scheme have submitted papers to peer-reviewed journals, employed recently completed students on industry projects, travelled across Australia and collaborated with the Centre’s Partner Organisations and Industry Affiliate Members, which is what the scheme was designed to support and encourage.