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ACEMS COVID-19 Research Workshop

Few things have led researchers to focus on one problem like COVID-19 did to the science community in 2020.

That was also true in the mathematical sciences - and for ACEMS.

In June 2020, ACEMS hosted a COVID-19 research workshop to highlight the research that was already underway around the Centre and to look for ways on how members could work together on some of these problems.

A total of 73 Zoom participants turned up for the virtual workshop. This included ACEMS members, industry partners and affiliates and attendees from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and members of its COVID-19 Taskforce. There were 13 research talks, including three from ACEMS’ industry partners, CSIRO and the Sax Institute and Industry Affiliate, FLEW Solutions.

The following ACEMS’ members gave these presentations:

  • CI Phil Pollett (UQ): “Health system demand and the spread of COVID-19”
  • AI Daryl Daley with Prof Aihua Xia (UoM): “Modelling the extinction time of an epidemic”
  • PhD student Raiha Browning (QUT): “Modelling the spread of COVID-19 using Hawkes processes”
  • AI Adrian Barnett (QUT): “A framework for the allocation of COVID-19 vaccines”
  • Research Fellow Laura Boyle (UoA): “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on South Australia’s emergency departments”
  • CI Aurora Delaigle (UoM): “Group testing for estimating the prevalence of an infection”
  • Research Fellow David Warne (QUT): “Characterisation of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic”
  • Director Peter Taylor (UoM): “Safe Blues”
  • AI Lewis Mitchell (UoA): Social media analysis and COVID-19
  • PhD student James Walker (UoA): “On COVID-19 household transmission studies”

You can see all the talks from the day by heading to the ACEMS YouTube channel.

Lewis Mitchell presenting a social media analysis during COVID-19