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New partner investigator

ACEMS welcomed a new Partner Investigator during 2020: Dr Kerrin Bleicher from the Sax Institute who replaced Mark Bartlett in October 2020.

Mark left the Sax Institute at the end of 2019 and for a period, Tina Navin Cristina informally represented the Sax Institute until she went on maternity leave. Tina is expected to return mid-2021 and is to be added as a Partner Investigator at that time, representing the Sax Institute until the end of the Centre.

Dr Kerrin Bleicher

With a background in physiotherapy, Kerrin has worked as a data scientist, more recently in leadership roles in the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) where she established new units to lead new data developments. At the Sax Institute, she is Director Research Assets (The 45 and Up Study). Kerrin gave a presentation at the ACEMS COVID-19 workshop and another during the industry session at the ACEMS annual retreat with her colleague Cindy Peng.

The Centre warmly welcomes Kerrin to ACEMS, and thanks Mark for his contributions during his time as our Partner Investigator.

Kerrin Bleicher's presentation